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For Dulux 2015 was about that added refinement: putting the + into the everyday. From exploring under-utilized spaces to our relationships both with each other and with our environment, we are learning to look at the world around us in new and unique ways. Celebrate the difference and the wisdom found in the magic of Every day + as you explore “five wonderful stories about normal things…” and the colour that captures the mood of the moment.

In the Facebook APP Born Intelligence developed the user needed to show Dulux the + in their Every day by uploading a photo that captures the wonderful in the normal by selecting one of the 6 colour trends as inspiration.

If you entered the Dulux Competition, you stood the chance of winning one of five home decorating vouchers to the value of R 2 000. Firstly you’d enter your details, then you had to explore your surroundings and had to find the wonderful in the normal. Then you had to share it with Dulux by uploading your visual of the every day +

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