Designer social media posts, to enhance your social image

Designer Social media posts.

Designer social media posts are designed to enhance the awareness of your business on any social media platform. We believe that your business has character, and your social media followers needs to know your kind of character, products and services. That is why we do encourage designer social media posts .

The designer social media post is composed with your business brand, a short message with a beautiful visual that attracts more viewers. You can use designer social media posts for any maketing of product or service, event, happening and many more.

Designer social media posts can be tailored for any platform like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Intsagram, Linked In and everyone we didn’t mention. We also offer you the social media banners upon request for the different platforms.

This is good news for branding, especially if you are running a campaign and you need to maximize awareness on social media!

If you would like a Social Media Designer post, you can get them from Born Intelligence for only R75 or you can enquire about our sets. We use your own content and visuals in the design to form a unity with your current advertising. 



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