A quick intro to frowned upon

That’s Frowned upon!

Frowned upon is the disapprovement of something for various reasons. Google is the largest web search engine which every person uses. That is why it is very important to follow all Google’s rules and not get frowned upon.

How can I get frowned upon by Google you might ask, well that is why Born Intelligence is here for you. Google disapproves of a lot of things, mainly manipulating and violating their rules.

For starters Google disapproves of keyword stuffing. Google defines it as “the practice of loading a webpage with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results”. So don’t overuse your keyword in your posts or in your meta keywords of your website. Be creative and unique with your content, and use appropriate keywords so that it is useful to your end-users.

Link Schemes are another frowned upon concept. Your Google ranking is partly based on quantity and quality of other sites linking to yours, links intended to manipulate your site’s ranking is frowned upon by Google. Some examples of link schemes that can impact you negatively include; buying or selling links, this includes exchanging products or services for links etc. Link exchanges(you link to me and I’ll link to you) and using automated services to create links to your site. Attract links from others by crafting content that is original and valuable to others.

Overuse of anchor text linking is strongly discouraged, using the same keywords or phrases is a no go. Google stated that if 60-65% of your links all contain the exact same keyword, they will consider it over-optimization. Use variations in your link text to avoid being frowned upon.

Every bit of information on your site should have a purpose. Duplicating any content is frowned upon by Google. Purposely duplicating pages to make use of different keywords trying to increase your page’s ranking will be disapproved of. Don’t stress about a footer disclaimer or contact information appearing on all your web pages, Google doesn’t see that as duplicating content.

Focus on creating original and unique content with a pleasant user experience, and follow all Google’s guidelines and you won’t be frowned upon.



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