Creative Juices

Creative juices

Do you ever struggle to get your creative juices flowing? Don’t we all do sometimes? Well we value a good breakfast with some fresh blue berries. Berries help maintain communication between brain cells and help activate the factor brain derived neurotrophic factor. This helps with survival, growth and differentiation of new neurons, which is needed when it comes to creative thinking.

A fun fact whilst talking about creativity, do you remember when Tony Stark offered Dr. Banner some blueberries in the LAB whilst problem solving on set of Avengers? Coincidence, we think not, but Robert did keep food hidden all over the set when shooting Avengers in 2012. The blueberries that Tony offered Banner was not scripted, just a creative way for Stark to eat on set.

Why not try some recipes to improve your creativity? Start your day with a Blueberry and Yogurt breakfast or comment with your favourite recipes.

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