7 benefits of SEO

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7 Benefits of SEO

Google has become a household name and a verb, no one searches anything on the internet, they Google it. I recently said to someone they should Google a DIY video on YouTube, and they didn’t correct my sentence. If Google = Search, does SEO = answers? With Google and search being synonymous you can’t afford not to embrace the search giant, and up your SEO game. Here are my top 7 reasons why I know you need SEO!

      1.  The right clients are already looking for you

93% of web-based activities start with a search engine. With over 40 000 searches per second, your business is certainly the answer to some of them, you just need to give out the right signal!

      2.  Leverage the best conversion rates

Search traffic has the best conversion rate of all online traffic. Use it to your advantages. When consumers click on search results more than 50% of their buying decision has already been made, they just need to choose you as their outlet.

       3.  24/7 visibility

Google does not sleep, and neither does SEO. Your ranking doesn’t change overnight, or while you are at an event. By ranking high in search results, your business is being promoted while you sleep!

       4.  Building trust – one result at a time

Many customers use their online research to make their purchase decision. By informing and advising them on best practices or ideas for using your product/services you are building their trust in you brand’s expertise.

        5.  It’s time to measure up

You can measure and track your SEO conversions. You can also track your website’s ranking and organic traffic. This means you can easily identify the right keywords to add value to your business.

        6.  You need to keep up with the Jones

Your competitors are most likely already findable online, you need to outrank them. With new businesses popping up daily, you need to be nr1 on Google’s list, to ensure clients choose you first!

         7.  Get the low hanging fruit

Once you have optimized your website, you can start targeting new keywords to expand into other easy to access markets. Using keywords for new services or offerings, search engines will drive quality traffic to your page, giving you access to a new market!

There are so many more reasons for you to invest in SEO, keep an eye out for my next post, or sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss anything!

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Remember: customers can only search for you if you are findable!




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