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Site factors influencing SEO

SEO specialists believes there are 200 factors influencing your site’s ranking in Google search. They are sorted into categories and subcategories, some are more important than others, but the fact is these factors still remain relevant. Writing a blog post on all 200 of these would take forever, and understanding how these factors integrate with a larger website and branding strategy is a complex task, which I’d rather leave to Shanei, our in-house Google Partner and expert. (I’d suggest you do the same!).

We took some time and she explained how site factors (basically the skeleton of a website) are crucial to a good search result, even though most online visitors doesn’t even know you have implemented these factors / measures. It’s all behind the scenes, written into your website’s code, setup perfectly by the likes of someone such as Shanei.

As a website owner you don’t need to be able to manage all of these on your own, but you do need to know that they exist, why it’s important to manage it, and who you can contact to manage it for you. So let’s have a look at the most important site factors Shanei will look at when reviewing/building your new SEO’d website.


This is a file Googlebot uses to crawl (read) your website. It tells the search engine what content is on your site, how everything is related to everything else, and how your website is relevant to external links you might have include on your site. It also include metadata which helps the Googlebots understand your media files. Having an updated sitemap helps Google see all of your content, which is really important if you have a new website, a very large website or if your website’s content is isolated and not backlinked to one another. The easier a Googlebot can crawl your site, the higher your site will rank on Google search – organically.

Domain Trust:

Google looks at how other sites reference yours to determine your level of trust. By having multiple (legitimate) links pointed to your site, as well as having onsite links point towards other sites creates trust, which in turn rates your page higher. By crawling links to a from pages Google can discover how pages are related to each other and in what ways. You want to build links from trusted sources and link back to highly popular sites, Google’s complex algorithms are trained to identify any unnatural linking and can blacklist any site who doesn’t play fair. This is why hiring a professional to build and review your backlinks is very important, because you don’t want to be identified as spam by Google.

Mobile optimization:

More and more users as using mobile to access information. This has long ago breached the 50% mark, and if your site doesn’t load quickly on mobile, and isn’t mobile friendly, you should honestly stop reading, and call our web developers.

At first glance this list might appear short and easy to manage, but being part of a larger 200 factor SEO strategy and an even larger marketing strategy it is really important to take the time to analyze and plan the best way to get Google’s approval of your site.

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