Why you need lead generation for your business

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The importance of Lead Generation for your business

A phrase you’ve been hearing a lot about is “lead generation”. Rightfully so the most talked about topic in the marketing world is lead generation. And if you haven’t heard of it… well here is your chance to learn about it now! 

You might be wondering what is lead generation? How does it help my business? How does it work? What techniques are used to generate leads? Well, luckily we’re here to explain and clarify exactly what lead generation is and why it is important for your business.

Be it that you have a small startup business or you are a massive multi-million corporation, you need customers to buy your products or services. And having customers buying what you have to offer is like playing in the big final world cup. You will only win if you have the right players in your team. Similarly, you have to have the RIGHT leads (prospective customers) to buy your products. The big question is how to get the RIGHT LEADS?

What is a lead?

Let’s begin by first defining what a lead is. By definition, a lead is anyone who expressed a desire for your product/service. A lead can come through many sources like your website, social media platforms, word of mouth or even a phone call. Using the right Digital Marketing Strategy can bring an outstanding amount of leads.

Think about it, without any leads you can’t make any sales. However, not all leads will be buying customers. You want to attract leads that will turn into buying customers without putting in too much effort.

Generating Leads

Now you might be asking, “How do I generate the RIGHT leads?” Valuable thought! 

Many years ago, leads were developed by meeting people, cold calling, door to door sales and purchasing lists. And as any salesperson knows those methods had various flaws and was extremely time-consuming. 

Luckily, thanks to advanced technology we now have various lead generation options. In particular online lead generation is the key method of choice.

What is online lead generation?

Online lead generation can be coined as the most important aspect of online marketing, which refers to developing an interest in your products or services by providing users with information. Basically, it is creating a desire so much that a person has to buy it.

Lead generation is however just the start of the process which ultimately leads to prospects turning into regular buyers down the line. Therefore, having a lead generation strategy is essential for you and your business.

Why is it important?

Take a step back and visualize your business. Think about your sales team and how they are selling your product or service. 

  • What happens when they don’t have anyone to sell your offer too? 
  • Do they sit around and wait for someone to pop up or do they actively keep on searching for new customers? 
  • Do they spread the word about your offer to almost everyone just to make the sale even though the person won’t be interested at all? 


If you have said yes to any of the above questions it most likely means that you are targeting the wrong audience and wasting your money and valuable time. The solution for this is lead generation.

Lead generation is targeted to specific audiences that fit your ideal client and people already interested in your product or service. This means the RIGHT people are directed to your salespeople, which in return means more conversions that help gain more profit.  

By effectively targeting the right people that already have a desire for your offer you will save time and money by not having to sell your offering to people not interested at all.


Now you might be thinking “Wow this is all great. But how do I implement this and start selling to the right people? The awesome thing is there are endless ways to get started. 

Search engines and social media is a top priority. You’ve heard it for years – “you need to have an online presence”. This is vital! You need to be where people are searching.  When a potential client is searching for something they head to Google or Facebook. Therefore you need to have a website and social pages that distinctly grabs the attention of the prospect. Below is a bonus list of things to implement on all your online platforms.

BONUS: 4 Important tactics to use for Lead Generation

    Your content provides knowledge to the interested audience about you and what makes you different to your competitor. It gives the ability for the viewer to build a relationship with you. Trust is what sells.
    More than 2 billion people use various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Use this to engage with your audiences and get them to share your information with other people.
  3. SEO
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential process to rank your website in top positions on search engines. The better you rank the more traffic you’ll get. More traffic = more sales
    The best advice we can give is to hire a lead generation specialist. To read more on our customer service and testimonials visit our about us page.! You can find out more here to hire us as your lead gen specialist!.

Lead generation in a summary

Lead generation is a very cost-effective and result-providing solution to all types of businesses that need to get new customers. More qualified leads turn to more customers. More customers lead to more profits, which is essential to grow your business. 

Now it is time to get your lead generation strategy going! Need some advice on how to get started or improve your strategy? Contact us today for a free consultation.



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