5 tips: How to add value for your customers

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Our 5 tip guide on How to add value for your customers:

Adding value is an important tactic that can be used by all business to acquire and retain customers, increase brand awareness and differentiate your business in the marketplace. Not sure where to start? Here is our 5 tip guide on how to add value for your customers.

1. Always consider your customers’ perspective
Creating added value starts with the ability to see your business through the eyes of your customers. Consider what is important to your target market and how your product/service will actually benefit them. Answer the following questions: what problems do your offer solve?, How will it help overcomes obstacles or in general help improve their lives or their business? 

Many businesses tend to focus only on the features of their products instead of the benefits thereof. By shifting your focus to providing content that focuses on your customers’ needs you’ll build a relationship and trust with your customer. Focus on the benefits your offer has and how it helps your customer instead of just selling a product.

Our pro tip is to create a customer avatar that will help provide insights about your current and future customers. This will help assist you to create content tailored to what they find meaningful and what they would engage with. The tailored content you share with your audience will provide added value to your customers.

2. Keep working on customer satisfaction

In the business world, there will always be an endless debate on whether the customer is always right (or not). However, something that is evident is that lack of customer satisfaction is a sure way to keep people from coming back. Just think about it; you probably had an awful customer experience somewhere in your life – did you go back to that company? Probably not… The same thing will happen in your business if your customers are not satisfied. Getting honest feedback on a regular basis will help you keep up to date on how your customers feel about your business and what areas need improvement. You can use survey tools, survey emails or even a one-on-one conversation with your customer. The results of the feedback from the surveys can help create an action plan on how to improve your experience quick and effectively. You’ll be adding value to customers as their insights and feedback seems valuable to you.

3. Create a memorable experience

Businesses with unforgettable customer experiences are more likely to benefit from word-of-mouth referrals, positive online reviews and higher retention rates. When getting started, you’ll need to consider all aspects of your business, from initial lead capture to post-purchase communication and how to properly maximize the added value for the customer throughout the process. Building a customer experience also allows you to develop relationships with your customers so you can connect on levels that go past simply getting the sale.

Most importantly, memorable customer experience models aim to deliver unexpected intangible value that cannot be packaged or sold. This includes personalized service, attend to detail and showing a sense of urgency to address concerns as they arise.

4. Don’t overlook the value of FREE

Whether it’s a free guide, a printable PDF, a branded calendar or even an ebook, free items are a great way to create added value and showcase your business’s ability to offer a ‘little something extra’ to your customers. Free items can serve as tools to help grow your business awareness and expose your target audience to various products and services you offer. Remember, although you may be offering a free offer, it has to be relevant to your market and audience. Furthermore, you should always be consistent with your business’s overall purpose. 

For example, if you have a gym it would not make sense to give out discount coupons to the local doughnut shop. A free fitness training program will be the logical choice.

5. Offer Loyalty Discounts

Offering your loyal customer additional discounts or special offers on upgrade packages/products will also add value. Rewarding customer loyalty can build an even stronger bond while also only providing discounts to customers who already spend money with you. Giving your customers the opportunity to buy upgrade packages or exclusive products at a discounted rate can boost your sales extensively and your customers will be spreading the word about your business offer – bonus you get free marketing. Therefore adding value to your customers and prospects will end up adding value to your business.


These 5 tips will help you think about a few ways you can add value now and in the future for your prospects and customers. Need some more advice on how to get started? We can assist you to create a valuable offer and personalised customer experience with our lead generation expertise. Get in touch with us today.



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