5 Ways to Boost Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales (and no, it’s not too late!)

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5 Ways to Boost Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales (and no, it’s not too late!)

Black Friday is around the corner, but there’s still time to maximize your marketing strategy and boost your foot traffic or add-to-cart clicks. Because while the holiday season might look a little different this time around, shopping and deal-grabbing are still a big part of making this the most wonderful time of the year.

  1.     Don’t discount the discount

We all know a big discount offer is going to drive traffic to your product, so finding that special price point is of crucial importance. You want your shopper to feel like it’s something special, a deal they wouldn’t be able to get on any other day of the year, or from anyone else. Position your Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions to your customers as something special or exclusive for them, almost as a thank you for being a part of your brand family.

  1.     Set your business apart from the rest

Big discounts aren’t always possible or prudent for your sales tactic, especially if your competitors are doing the same. In that case, add-ons can be an effective point of differentiation. This can be something extra included with the purchase that enhances your product or service, or relates to the holiday. You can also include an add-on that they need to come back to use, in a few weeks or months, like special ‘brand bucks’ or a percent off their next order. While your profit margins might get a little smaller on today’s sale, there are ways you can boost it with a return visit in the coming weeks or months ahead.

  1.     Create urgency

This is it, folks. The one, the only, the first, the last time this year that you’ll get a deal this good! The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays already have a built-in sense of urgency, so it’s a good idea to reinforce this with your messaging. You can send messages about a Count Down or It’s almost here! or Your surprise deal is waiting! This can set the stage for your follow up communications, either counting down, reminding them something special is still ‘under the tree’ or that the day is finally here!

  1.     Have some fun

While the deals are ‘urgent’ and will be gone when Black Friday or Cyber Monday are over, it’s important to have fun with it! We want to encourage shopping, not heart attacks. It’s like a waiting for the day of a big party you’ve been planning for a month. For some savvy shoppers, it’s a day that represents the big savings they’re always chasing. And for self-shoppers, this is a time of indulgence, where they purchase things they might not otherwise because it’s a ‘good deal’.

  1.     Go social

Since time is already running out, your marketing plan should be agile, and include your existing channels on social media as well as your email list. These will be key to getting your sales message out in a timely fashion without having to wait on ads to be served. And when you’re posting on your own channels, be sure to adjust your message based on response if you see something is working well (or not so well!). Something you can get a head start on is creating a content library of a handful of post ideas or images that can be circulated in the days leading up to Black Friday. Organize a calendar for your posting activities, but also be flexible and let your customers know you’re standing by to help them with all their shopping needs.

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