Tips for planning for the new year to grow your business

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Have you planned your strategy for the year?

5 Tips to grow your business in the new year

Marketing. It plays such a big part in business. It can make or break it. You should probably rethink your marketing strategies to help grow and flourish this new year. 

1. Provide Customers With Something Special

Have discounts and special overs ready to attract current customers and new clients. An early offer can make a difference! But don’t just be generic. Be unique! Get creative by making you offer more attractive. Add valuable items like adding a free coffee with your clients first purchase or offer free delivery. Give your customer complimentary snacks or fee gifts. The sky’s the limit. It is up to you to make your BUSINESS stand out.

2. Boost Your Social Media

Go and have a look at the most popular content over that past week. Now image boosting that with a specific campaign on Facebook or Instagram. You can even invest some money to promote your page to gain followers. A popular way to engage more with your customers is to host competitions. This will drive more traffic to your website, and you will most likely gain new customers.

3. Improve your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or in short SEO; is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website by ensuring your website ranks high on search engines and are easily discoverable on the internet. Have a look at your Google Analytics to see who is visiting your website and how they got there? Which keywords did they use? If you don’t attract the right people you should look into tweaking your keywords. Go a bit deeper and explore specific areas to find your perfect clients.

4. Start A Blog

What advice will you give to your target audience? What are some of their challenges? If there are any thoughts and tips that you can share with them, you should definitely consider blogging. A blog can provide your social media with something extra and improve your SEO.

Write content that you readers want to engage with. Offer solutions to the problems they might face. Say you are a pharmacy and you know many people can’t afford preventive flu medication, write a blog with various smoothie recipes that contain ingredients that will boost their immune system. Or you are a gym owner and know some people don’t know how to do proper exercises – write a blog to showcase exercises to target certain muscle groups. You get the point, solve a problem you readers might be facing.

5. Start A Newsletter

Staying in touch with your customers is important when your customers need time before buying a product or service. Sending a regular email newsletter from your company is a great way to share ideas, deals and some insider tips. Newsletters keeps existing customers up to date and encourages them to repeat business with you.   

Jump into the new year with both feet! Know what you want to do! Reach your goal and grow your business! Born Intelligence is here to help you strategize and plan excellent marketing campaigns to help grow your business. 

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