How to Convert More Leads into Sales

Lead generation may be the first step in getting customers for your business online, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is enough to convert the leads into sales. 

Competition is rife, and buyers are increasingly more sophisticated. As a business, you must not neglect the fact that technology offers you an opportunity to use a precise sales process to grab leads before they lose interest and move on. 

Marketing qualified leads are those captured through lead generation. These leads may have shown interest and signed up for your newsletter or reached out through social media. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are ready to convert into sales. 

Born Intelligence offers you these valuable tips to help your business convert more leads into sales: 

1.     Create content to attract your buying persona

Lead generation is best done by attracting your ideal customer and identifying the process they go through as they initially consider, and then decide on buying your product. As they search for a product, you must show that you understand their problem and offer them a solution. Thereafter, you must motivate them to act by continuing to communicate with them.

Understanding your buyer persona allows you to create content and messages that will convert leads.

2.     Grab customer attention by offering an incentive

Visitors to your website will not necessarily become a lead if you don’t immediately grab their attention. Once a customer lands on your website, they need to know you have their back, understand their problem, and offer the solution.

Don’t allow leads to be lost. Offer them an incentive to stay on your website by giving them something of value for free in exchange for their name and email address. This will allow your business to follow up on the lead. Things of value to leads may be a limited-time discount, a free eBook, or even an infographic.

3.     Monitor the results

A CRM system allows you to monitor your closing ratio. You will be able to see which point in the sales process you are having problems with closing sales. These measurements are vital for your marketing arsenal and allow you to develop sales prospects and capitalize on opportunities.

4.     Response time is vital to capturing leads, but also remember to follow up

If a lead has not converted, don’t allow them enough time to go to the competition. A qualified lead may need questions answered quickly, otherwise, they may move on.

There are two ways to answer their questions quickly and to help them convert as soon as possible. The first and most effective is to use live chat, this is an ever-powerful solution that offers you the chance to send an instant personalized message – you are more likely to get a response here than from an email. Second, you can help them convert by creating a prominent FAQ page on your website. This must give detailed answers to the most asked questions about your product and services.

Next, follow up with an email or call sooner rather than later. This should preferably be within 24 hours, but no more than a few days later, and offering to answer any questions.

 Customized messages are also an effective way to close a sale. Use the message to remind them of the time that has elapsed since you last heard from them. Ask them if they have looked over what you have sent them, and if your product has the potential to increase their ROI, remind them of this.

Marketing automation tools allow you to provide relevant content at every stage of the buyer’s journey. They send out notifications and emails as they keep track of which point your buyer is in the buying process.

5.     Connect with leads on as many channels as possible

This is known as omnichannel marketing and entails using a consistent message on all channels. Use social media, calls, email, SMS, and any other channels to convert leads into sales.

6.     Dare to ask for the sale

Many businesses don’t take the obvious step to ask for the sale because they fear rejection. Don’t be insecure, go ahead and ask for the sale, otherwise, your competition will.

Asking for the sale requires the right timing. Once you have nurtured your lead using all the above tips, open the conversation by asking what they think. In closing, ask them if they are ready to buy.


Closing the deal will help you grow your sales. Using the marketing and sales funnel allows you to obtain more conversions from your lead generation.

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