Celia in Africa Website Revamp for more Conversions by Born Intelligence

Celia in Africa Website Revamp for more Conversions by Born Intelligence

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Celia in Africa Website Revamp for more Conversions by Born Intelligence

Celia in Africa is run by the passionate and adventurous Celia Du Preez. Celia has travelled throughout Western Europe, United Kingdom, Hawaii and various other tropical wonderlands. Her travels are inspired by places off the beaten track looking for the pulse of the region and the heartbeat of the community, the local artisans, the story tellers and elders. These places inspire the products available on Celia in Africa (perfect gifts and novelties for travellers).

Our paths crossed with Celia when we joined the Business Expansion Club (BEC). Celia introduced us to her brand and products and immediately we were intrigued. However, Celia wanted to up her game and sell more of her handcrafted pieces. And as we are in the business of helping people solve their problems, we proposed to update her website to get more conversions.

The Challenge:

The Celia in Africa website was already beautifully designed and showcased her products. But the design and layout was not optimized for conversion. There were no attention grabbing aspects to make sales and navigation was quite unusual.

Celia did not want to change her website’s look and feel but wanted to counter the flaws that stood in the way of making sales. Furthermore she wanted a way to communicate with clients to remind them of her products and entice them to buy the beautiful products they love! The main goal was to have a lower bounce rate with more conversions.

The Solution:

The Born team collaborated and strategised various ideas to offer a solution to the main challenge of a higher conversion rate.

Shanei – the head web designer – designed and conceptualized a revamp of certain aspects of the site. The design did not change the overall look and feel of the site but made provisions for new sections and features. 

A new section was introduced that included a lead magnet where visitors can get a discount on their first purchase. Furthermore, client testimonials were also added specifically to showcase previous customer experiences.

Alongside the discount lead magnet we designed a Cleaning Guide for Both Leather and Fabric Handbag and Travel Bags that was incorporated in specially designed emails that prompted visitors to use special discounts for purchases on the site. 

The Result:

The new updated design is optimised and tailored for more conversions. The added lead magnets and email designs also contribute to the conversion rates. The bounce rate has gone down tremendously and the conversions have improved far beyond our expectations.

The Celia in Africa website redesign and development was an exciting project to work on. We are delighted to have achieved the results and can’t wait to see the future results. 

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