Of course you do, more high-quality leads = more sales, that’s what you want right?


Quit your busy-ness and start doing Business…


Not Getting Good-Quality Leads?
Born Intelligence Lead Generating System for Luxury Brands-finding your good quality customers

The primary problem is caused by not getting quality leads, even though you may be boosting a post here and there in the hope that your customers will see you!

It is a known fact that posting on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other social media platforms don’t work, because only 1-2% of your followers see your posts. Shocking right?

Hype VS Real Results?
Born Intelligence Lead Generating System for Luxury Brands-finding your good quality customers

Most of these marketing methods create a “hype” and don’t create results! It outright just doesn’t work!

No one will contact you for your product or service. Even if you do get a couple of breadcrumbs, it is not a sustainable or reliable marketing strategy!

Not making enough sales?
Born Intelligence Lead Generating System for Luxury Brands-Not making enough sales with huge overheads

Do you have large overheads and not making enough sales? Then you are a perfect fit for the Intelligent Marketing System! You can grow your online and offline traffic at a rapid pace. Is that something you’d invest in?

We focus on real results, generating more sales for your business.


Since the implementation of The Intelligent Lead System, these businesses have grown in high-quality customer opportunities




and it will work for you!


“We made more money in a week than we’ve ever made in one month. We usually got 200 high-quality, pre-qualified leads per week using Shanei’s method, and recently it became 500 fresh leads.

Her way of lead generation & list building helped us to make more money this week than we’ve ever made in one month!  Shanei’s way of lead generation is definitely the secret sauce to my business!”

JR (Alternative Energy Company)


“This is awesome for me because it’s helping me peel the layers of selling with emotion & logic.”

Paola Guthrie.
(Brain Health Trainer and Neuroencoding Specialist)

“Shanei helped us by re-packaging the message so that it can be felt, heard, and undersood that our company is the best choice you could make…

Instead of going the long way up the mountain, go pro with Shanei who is an expert coach in lead generation and building your system”

Carnell Smith
(The World’s Only Paternity Coach)

As seen in:

high-end luxury brand & online shop

“We’ve worked with Shanei and it’s been the most amazing experience. Within the first 2 months, we experienced a 20% increase in sales and similar results month on month from then. We’ve grown our staff by over 200%

We highly recommend Shanei in the luxury market or selling high-end products.”

Ant Matthews. (High-end luxury brand)


“Your logistical ability to put things together makes it easy to move forward. Top Notch A1!

I trust you with everything and being able to share space and stage with you is priceless!“

Dr. Pat Boulogne DC, CCSP, AP, CFMP
(Mentor Coach “Dr Pat” | Master High Performance Health | Functional Medicine & Life Strategies | Helped 100’s of Executive & Entrepreneurs | Speaker | International Author & Bestseller | Mindset.Nurture.Restore.Move)
#International Bestselling Author

Alejandro Bratti a Human Strategist, 

Custom design leather Chesterfield Furniture
Gussy Testimonial

I didn’t have any time or energy to do anything, BUT NOW I have more time on my hands to spend with my grandchildren whenever I choose. It’s exciting!

I was tired of doing everything myself, from getting leads to making sales here and there just to keep the company afloat.

After Gussy actioned the TILS in her business she had more leads and more sales. In one afternoon, her business made over $16K with one campaign.

Now I have more time to do the things I love with the people I love because I have TILS running automatically and I don’t have to waste time running after leads.

Gussy (Luxury Lifestyle Brand)

online jewellery store
JAmes testimonial

“Each of our sales staff generated about 10 quotes a month from our list that gets updated daily. After we switched to using Shanei’s method, all of them generated over 200 quotes a month.

In one month, we generated about 600 quotes, and the following month, 1000 quotes.”

James Matthews (Online jewelry store)

Custom Made Jewellery
Born Intelligence Lead Generating System for Luxury Brands

In September 2018 we started working with Born Intelligence on a lead generation journey. Together, with the leads provided by Born Intelligence and our Sales team, we generated over a million rand in business per month which originated from The Intelligent Lead System (TILS).

I’m very excited about TILS way of lead generation and I do believe it has a lot of value to add in any company.
Shanei from Born Intelligence showed her commitment through her work and always gave more than was expected of her.
Daniel Paulus
Opulent Furniture MANUFACTURER
Born Intelligence Lead Generating System for Luxury Brands-Born Furniture
In less than 1 month of plugging into Born Intelligence’s Marketing Strategies, I have doubled up in my sales figures, I feel more relaxed as I have more time on my hands knowing that my high-quality leads will come in so that my sales team can only convert!
Since the Implementation of the Intelligent Marketing System uur GP has grown with 260% since the implementation of the Intelligent Marketing System
Jacob Strauss Bornman, Leather Furniture Manufacturer, South Africa.
Affordable Solar Energy
I am so thankful and privileged to have worked with Born Intelligence. I wanted to get new leads that were already interested in our products. On a weekly basis, we had more than 85 leads with customers ready to buy.  We literally have too many leads to handle!.
Shanei has a skill set above anything I have seen, she is an effective leader and has an excellent big picture vision. If you are looking for someone who brings great energy & creativity to your marketing and will work hard to execute your goals, Shanei and her team is the right fit for the job.
Aluschka van Heerden, Owner of Solar Man Pty Ltd
Custom Designer Jewellery
I’ve been working with Born Intelligence Studio for about a year now. I’ve worked with many agencies over the years, I can confidently say that the Born Intelligence Studio is the best agency that we’ve ever worked with!


The difference with Born Intelligence Studio is their approach is based on thorough research with a specific goal of creating leads and sales, that’s worked for us. They have a great team, they understand our customers very well, they work very professional and there on time. I would gladly rate them five out of five.
Déonne Le Roux, Owner Déonne Le Roux Jewellers



Decide to make a change in your business to go from no customers to high-quality leads & customer opportunities,

so you can have access to TIMS (The Intelligent Marketing Systems) which means…

      • High-quality leads for your business
      • Growing your customer base
      • Sell more of your products and services!
      • Automated customer communication and other marketing benefits
      • Free up your time to juggle the balls you need to…


It all comes as part of The Intelligent Marketing System

And you are 100% safe to try this out. Thats all Im suggesting.

Just try TIMS (The Intelligent Marketing System) for 60 days to see if it works for you.

If it does, youll be delighted – and I think thats exactly whats about to happen. 


Do what youve been doing (or worse, don’t change a thing). You know where that will lead…

No ROI, no sales, huge overheads and no incoming sales where your debt will grow as big as Kimberly’s BIG WHOLE!

Is that really where you want to go? Is that where you see your business in a couple of years or months?

Take a new action, and get a new result. Get high-quality leads for your business that convert!

Heres what to do nowfill in the form below and book your first online consultation where we will discuss your Free lead-audit and the way forward!




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