Corporate design in essence, is your corporate identity intertwined with your corporate image. Your corporate design is of graphic nature and also form part of your success strategy if you look at the bigger scheme of things.


Your Corporate design is how everyone views you, the immediate recognition, something that sets your apart from your competitors. The official elements that are combined to form a corporate image is a logo, typography, hue, brand, quality, community and culture. The practice of corporate design is when you use all your elements in unity featuring them on your corporate identity, stationery, advertisements (on and offline) and under your branding umbrella.


Your business’s corporate design should be incorporated everywhere where your products or services are visible. The more your customer sees your corporate image, the more they will be reminded of your brand and therefore they remember you before they remember your competitors.


A clearly defined brand document containing your corporate design is of vital importance for success and growth for your business brand. This brand document is an establishing guide for a strong visual identity for your business.

Corporate design exists because businesses have a constant need for visibility and communication to their clients. It can also be used as a tool to determine your position within the market. When you put your Corporate design to good use in innovative measures you will see results in the growth of your business.


Your corporate stationery includes a logo with business cards, envelopes, letterheads, fact sheets, quotes and invoices, annual reports etc. It has the ability to create a visual marker that will linger in people’s minds. Corporate stationery makes a good impression of your business, raises your brand awareness and increases credibility.


When having your corporate image designed & tailored, you should choose a couple of characteristics, morals and values you want your brand to represent. Then you can carry on with choosing a couple of symbolic hues to fit the character of your brand.


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