Interactive ads

Interactive ads are a form of media-based marketing that businesses and product manufacturers use to promote products, services and other announcements and information. A businesses targets consumers from the websites they visit as well as on smartphones and other hand-held media devices.


Internet marketing via social media is an effective interactive advertising method. Advertising through social media provides a direct marketing approach because it targets your audience based on their interests.


Video advertisements are also a form of interactive ads, they display short advertisement messages to your customers who visit different websites. You can build a brand recognition of your business’s products to your customers by using video as interactive ads.


You can utilize pop-ups as a form of interactive ads for your business. Pop-up advertisements are new browser windows that appear on computer screens with advertisement content. You can use pop-ups to make announcements, sell products, offer discount or get possible customers to visit your website.

Display ads can also be used for interactive advertising as it uses visual graphics to get customers attention and entice customers to click on the advertisement. A successful interactive advertising strategy converts customers from readers to buyers.


Interactive advertising techniques give customers an opportunity to make purchases on-the-spot, this leads to increased sales. Your business will have lower overhead expenses, by cutting out expenses like showrooms, sales reps and cashiers because everything is done online.


Interactive advertising techniques allows you to engagement with your customers on a fun and interesting way. You can get better feedback about your products because social networking campaigns provide instant feedback from your customers. Be interactive with your advertising so that your customers can be more interactive with your business.



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