Do you have an upcoming event like a baby shower, birthday party, kiddies parties or just want to personalize a room in your home. We assist you with your personal designs. Born Intelligence has endless possibilities for personally tailored items.


Events like weddings and special themed parties usually need specialized invitation, menu’s, programs and other stationary and gift-like products. Creating these essentials for your event can be quite time-consuming doing it by yourself, that is where we come in. We can help you design and create the picture in your head or that you might have on one of your Pinterest boards. Thus we help you to give the perfect gift, assist in putting your awesome ideas on the party table and create customized items for your space.

Decorating a room or just changing the old and dreary look of your home? Getting personalized decor cutouts for your project has never been this easy! Born Intelligence can help you with customized cutouts big or small. Other personal design items like wedding albums and corporate stationary can also be done by our designers.


Whether you have something specific in mind or don’t know where to start, we can help you with any personal design item. Get in touch with us to make your event a personalized success.



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