Video Ads

The term video advertising includes online display advertising, for example, Mid-Page Units (MPUs) that have video inside of them, however it is generally accepted as advertising on the Internet or television. Thus, video ads are widely seen by potential customers.


Including video ads to your marketing mix will have great benefits for your business. Video is where your business customers are spending their time, statistics show 78% people watch videos at least once a week and 55% every day. Videos are easily searchable as consumers mostly use online searches to find what they need. If you make use of video advertising your customers will effortlessly find your business.


Videos have created a virtual playground in which brands, businesses and organizations can compete. Being creative and targeting the right audience can give you a great way to reach your customers and wanting them to share their experience with the world. Sharing videos on social media is a huge part of your consumers lives. You can get your product or services message out there in a virtual fun and shareable way.


Video entertain, educates and inspires consumers. Video is an awesome storyteller and keeps consumers glued to your site. Video creates a way to influence your potential customers to laughing, crying and learning, more than basic photographs, text or audio ever could.


Video ads give you instant feedback and interaction. Consumers watching your video ad online will leave comments and reviews, a great way of interacting with your consumers is to reply directly to them. With your consumers giving you feedback you can measure the success of your video advertising campaign.


Videos literary life forever, they stay online and will show up in search results for a very long time, TV videos however just show for a specified period. Online videos are more cost effective due to the fact that they reduce your overall per-unit spending over time.


You need to make video ads part of your business marketing mix you just have to find the right style and format to reach your customers.



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