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Ready or not here comes Web-ready articles. What are Web-ready articles, you might ask? Well it is the best thing for your business to achieve its online goals and be successful.

Web-ready articles are articles created with a programming language called Hypertext Markup Language or HTML for short. Numerous tools are accessible to help you create a Web-ready article for your business without learning HTML. Basically Web-ready articles, are articles that can be published on a Web page.

If you are trying to sell products or services for your business or update customers about your business promotions and so forth, Web-ready articles are the best way to do so. Publishing articles on the Web have numerous advantages for your business such as SEO. Search Engine Optimization lets you target certain words, phrases and categories in order to get a better organic ranking on Google.

Web-ready articles enable you to include links to your business product line and services. Using links with your Web-ready articles are a necessity because the links provide an easy way to access your business website content. When your customers can effortlessly scroll through your products and services, they will be more delighted and most likely be loyal to your business.

The key is to create an effective mix of static, dynamic and interactive content that will help your potential clients to find, engage and support you.  Dynamic and interactive websites can make the most of your site and you can either use it as a tool or create a professional and interesting experience for your visitors.


Born Intelligence offers start-up companies professional and tailored digital design services that assists your business to grow its online presence and reputation. We have a number of exciting digital marketing tools in order to increase your business’s online presence.


Notably, Born Intelligence gets involved in designing, developing and launching your website and social media pages. They use beautiful designs (with attention-to-detail) when building your website.


We work mindfully with expectations to build the website which has been uniquely tailored to your preferences. We at Born Intelligence always try to embody the character and spirit of your business when rendering any product or service for you.



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