Zest Interactive Surface

Zest Interactive Surface


The Zest Interactive Surface was built for the electro mining conference in 2014. The Zest Weg Group is an International company specialising in Electrical equipment and the Zest interactive surface was used to engage with customers. Possible clients from all over the World visited their stand.

Zest wanted an Interactive table with a map of Africa and on the map there should be active spots. You could click on the spots to show the project and some details of that project. It was also important to them to have a product section together with the different companies in the Zest Weg Group.

The Zest Interactive Surface Execution

Using HTML5, we started to build this to be as smooth as possible and running on a 50 inch touch screen. The intro was earth floating in space and the moon rotating around it. You could interact with the planet, swinging it around and zooming in and out. When you double tapped on the globe it would zoom in and reveal the map of Africa and see the active spots.

On the bottom and top of the screen there was a navigation with 4 icons; Projects, Products, Companies and Feedback. The top bar was rotated so that it would be up right for someone standing at the other side of the screen. Top side being a replica of the bottom.

When you clicked on the first tab project, it would bring up a screen filled with differents projects all over Africa. Clicking on one of the projects would bring up a summary of the projects and some images of the actual project including a list of all the different companies that worked on it.

The second tab products,showcased 3D renders of each product. Clicking on one would take you to product information page. On that page there is a 3D render rotating. Giving you more information on each product.

The Feedback section was where the client could get in touch with the company, specify what they are interested in and if they should be contacted in the future. All the information was stored on a local database for Zest.

The Zest WEG Group is the leading supplier of low, medium and high voltage electric motors, variable speed drives, softstarters, switchgear, transformers, MCC’s, containerised substations, diesel generator sets and co-generation and energy solutions as well as electrical and instrumentation engineering and project management services in Africa.

The Zest WEG Group operates a strategically situated network of branches and distributors offering pre- and post-sales support as well as parts supply throughout Africa.

Our involvement:

The development of the APP was the brainchild of our Head Developer Strauss.

Accreditation: Developer – Strauss Bornman, 3D product renders – Digital Union, Designer – Hannes De beer, Creative director – Byron Phillipson



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