Activation for Nutriday’s newly launched yogurts

Nutriday’s Activation


Nutriday wanted an Activation to encourage sales for their new yogurts they recently launched. They wanted it to be interactive and fun for their customers but also to remind them of their childhood and came up with Nutriday Says.

We worked closely with Booming to create an interactive dispenser, to praise the customers that does what Nutriday says. It turned out that Nutriday wanted you to do a lot of fun things in order to get yogurt and encouraged you to do it with full force! One of the things Nutriday wants you to do is to GIVE NUTRIDAY A HUG. What a special way to connect with your customers.

 With tight deadlines we worked hard and built an HTML5 based game. The customer could control the actions from a keyboard. To keep things simple we used basic illustrations that are true to their brand colors.

To keep the screen interactive, we have various fruit falling into different kinds of yoghurt. When a person comes close to the screen they had to press the button and the controller selected a game. The games consisted of  7 variations including; Shout Nutriday, Give Nutriday a Hug and How fast can you push the button.

As the client jumped around or screamed for Nutriday, the controller could decide if they did a good job. If not, the controller could prompt them to try harder, or motivate them. When the client succeeded, Nutriday played a song and the client was gifted with a prize.

Our involvement:

The development of the Activation Game was the brainchild of our Head Developer Strauss Bornman and the designs were done by Shanei.

Accreditation: Developer – Nutriday’s Body – Booming Media 



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