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What could I wear today?

Is this not the question that gets asked every day? Whether you are in front of your closet every morning, just before a big do or changing your look completely. Then this is surely a fashion blog to keep up with.

The famed Michaela Novakova is surely a fashionista of note and we update her blog on a weekly basis with fresh content and stylish fashion. But promoting fashion is not her only talent. Miss Novakova also has a personal shopping service and we can surely say that she speaks fashion fluently.

What could I wear today is a business idea that Michaela came up with and has been running for a couple of years. The first version of her site was made in Prague, later-on in Joburg and now we are proud to have her with BORN Intelligence.

Michaela’s what could i wear today website was not the only service we offered, we also provided her with a proper communication platform Google APPS and some social media designer posts.

For more information you can visit WhatCouldIWearToday.com social media pages like facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, google+ and pinterest



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