Fake Social Media Signals

Fake Social Media Signals

Tweeting, liking, sharing, following and pinning has become part of our daily lives. Yes, social media has taken the world by storm and this phenomenon is just increasing. Businesses all over the world has seen the benefits of social media and optimize the use of this.

On social media we try to have as many followers and likes as possible, this routes back to our social need to be popular, or the need to feel good about ourselves. Companies also want as many followers and likes as possible to get the word of their business out to the world.

In light of the need for popularity many people and companies abuse social media to gain followers and like. Fake social media accounts have been the way to gain this “popularity”. For example, if your Twitter profile has 100,000 followers with only 15 tweets and 1 retweet, it indicates that it is a fake account.

Google frowns upon unnatural websites. Similarly, Google frowns upon fake social media signals. Because social media is widely used, social signals are a huge part of Google’s algorithm and they are good with spotting fake signals. This means Google will penalize you if a fake social media account has been spotted.

Furthermore, Google frowns upon sites that are linked to social media account with fake followers. Spotting a fake account is actually quite easy, there is no way a Instagram account with 5 posts will have 10,000 followers.

Instead of going for the easy way out in gaining social media presence, rather gain followers organically. Avoid to build an unnatural amount of Facebook and Instagram likes, Tweets and Google+1’s. Post original and unique content of great quality, to gain real followers.

By gaining real followers it helps you increase the reach for your social media posts. Also real followers provides your company with new opportunities and business growth. You can create meaningful relationships with real people and you can get real feedback.

Social signals are about quality and not quantity. This just shows that a social media presence is about quality and not quantity.



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