SEO – It should be you they are looking for

It should be you they are looking for.

If you could choose any house in your dream suburb would you settle for something less than the top 10? Me neither! Think about it. When was the last time you clicked past the first page of your search results (and honestly was it just out of boredom?). Everyone wants the top 10, they don’t even think about the rest. And why should they? This is exactly why search ranking matters so much, no one will give your page a first (never mind second) glance if it’s not on page one.

You can say that thousands of people are searching for services similar to yours right this second. Will they be able to find you? Customers don’t like to play hide and seek online. Without you noticing you might be steering your potential customers into your competitors’ arms because it is just too difficult to find you.

According to a recent analysis done by Chitita Insights, 33% of Google’s organic traffic goes to the first ranking organic search result, 18% to the second position and it gets less the further down the list you are. In this hyper-competitive arena, can you afford not to be seen or found?

That’s right, you can’t, none of us can. BUT we/Born Intelligence can fix it!

Website findability is categorized into 2 groups – external (on which I will be focusing) and on-site findability (that we can sort out when we’re designing your site).  External findability is often confused with the term “searchability”, but it’s not the same thing. Just because someone can search for something doesn’t necessarily mean they will be able to find it.  Findability, in short, means how easily can your site be found via an organic search. It also measures how easy it is to find specific content on your page.

You want to improve your website’s findability so your customers (who consist of a specific demographic, with certain needs) can easily find you, and the products you offer. To optimize your page’s findability, you need to evaluate a few elements on your site, these are just a few:

  • User interface design – The difference between walking around a park, and walking through it. The user will still get to his destination, but the one experience will be much greater than the other one.
  • Accessibility– Making sure people of all abilities and disabilities can access, navigate and use your website with ease.
  •  SEO – search engines are tasked with bringing answers to questions, or solutions for problems, SEO is all about notifying the search engine that you are the answer/solution
  • Information architecture – describes how your website’s content is labelled, structured and organized so everything relates to everything else.


When implemented right, these elements can help your website stand out from the rest, and be recognized for the unique value propositions you hold.

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