Fun things to do with google search

Fun things to do with Google Search

Google is the household name for getting things done and questions answered. We associate the search giant with research papers, trivia and how-to’s, but we don’t always remember the fun quirky side of Google.  Built into the site is a growing list of games, tricks and features designed to wow and entertain users with a bit of free time on their hands. I’d suggest you go make yourself a cup of coffee, before playing around with our list:

Atari breakout – the ultimate time killer!
Image search the words “Atari Breakout”, and enjoy playing this classic game. Each level uses a new set of images you need to break out from. Highly addictive, and very entertaining.

Speaking of classic, pass the time by playing Pacman. The 2010 Google Doodle doubles up as a link to the fun and timeless game. Simply google Pacman, and opt to play, it’s that simple!

The Bacon number,
This trick is based on the theory that between any two people on the earth there exist a link of 6 people. Using this knowledge, Google has created an algorithm to determine the most efficient link between Kevin Bacon and any of our Hollywood favourites, this is called the Bacon number. Finding someone with a high bacon number is now the new challenge, and by the time this blog went online, I could only find someone with a bacon number of 2, which is kind of low, so if you find someone with a higher score (no cheating) comment below!

The Multi-lingual search engine,
Google offers search results in more than 123 languages, but did you know you can search in Pirate, Klingon and Hacker?

The Force is with you
If like me, you are not a Trekkie and prefer the Wars, you can use this nifty YouTube trick to send your search results into flux by typing “Use the force Luke” into the search bar, try it!

The no internet relief
Bored with no internet available, search something on google, and double tap on your screen when you see the grey dinosaur page and enjoy your off-line game!

Searching for more
You can also use the search box for some cool tricks and even Harry Potter-like magic. Type in ‘Silencio” to mute your browsers, or “Lumos” for some light (you need to use your phone for this one). If the HP fandom isn’t really your thing, try going old school by typing  “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “askew”, <blink> or “do a barrel roll” for some light entertainment.

There are so many easter eggs hidden in Google, we can’t possibly list them all, and why would we – the joy is in finding them yourselves! If you find one, drop us a clue in the comment section.



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