Google Partnership Benefits

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Google Partnership benefits

Knowing a Google Partner is a lot like dating the cool guy…

We all know what “dating the most popular girl/guy in school meant”. Access to the coolest parties and insider info. Your friends became cool by association and benefited from your new found relationship. The adult version of this relationship is a Google Partnership. Being a Google Partner (GP) means access to certified Ad Words training, an invitation to Google Partner events and insider info such as new releases, algorithm changes and more! As you might imagine, this also means our “friends” aka clients are also gaining better search results from our newfound partnership.

Before I explain the benefits you gain from Born Intelligence’s new Google Partner status, let me explain what it means:

A Google Partner is someone who has in-depth knowledge of Google’s search algorithms. They have been tested by Google, and have met a strict set of requirements. This accomplishment can take months to complete, and they still need to be re-tested yearly. “ The synonym for Google Partner is ‘Google Whisperer” (I just made that up!)

Upskill without the hard work

So now you know our team is highly skilled and has sought after skills and know-how when it comes to SEO, SEM and all things Google, but what is the real benefit of being a client of a Google Partner?

Even though Google makes all their tools available to the public, it can be very challenging to create an effective ad campaign. Setting up an ad campaign that converts clients and yields positive results really needs an experienced, certified professional. By using Born Intelligence, you have all the benefits of our knowledge, without breaking a sweat!

Google 911 anytime!

Google Partners (such as Born Intelligence) with large ad spends, has access to their very own “Google Ad Word” support team. This means whenever you have a malware attack or a campaign crashes, we have on-demand access to someone who is eager and ready to assist.

Live in the future – today!

Beta versions of new updates, tools or software are always released to Google Partners before being released to the public. This gives us time (sometimes up to a year) to understand the new tools and start implementing them long before your competitors even know about them!

Copy from the best in class

Born Intelligence undergoes yearly re-testing and certification to ensure we stay on-top of all SEO, SEM and Ad word related topics. As Google Partners we have free access to training to keep up to date with the latest Pay Per Click (PPC) best practices. We do all the work, and you get the great rankings!

There are many benefits of using Born Intelligence as your Google Partner and champion, so don’t delay, contact us today!



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