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Born Intelligence Freedom don't enslave yourself

We were BORN FREE. Don’t enslave yourself by taking on the wrong clients.

We’ve all had them. We do what is needed to sign the client, start working together, it’s all smiles and then, bam, there’s the moment of realisation that your instincts were right and that things are going to be difficult on the way forward.

Key business law – Bad clients are bad for business. They take up all of your time, usually away from your good clients. They have a habit of making requests that make no sense and they seldom trust your judgement. The project grinds on, nothing is ever good enough and by the time you deliver, you’ve stopped caring.

Sometimes the wrong clients can do your firm more harm than good. If it appears you could be better off without their negativity or lack of satisfaction, despite your efforts, sometimes relationships aren’t profitable enough and some business practices present insurmountable challenges. Analyze your data, speak to your team, and determine if there are any clients you should weed out who is presenting your firm with challenges and who may be more trouble than they are worth.

You cannot be all things to all people – success comes from FOCUS. I have seen so many businesses get into trouble by trying to market and sell to anyone who has a pulse. Trying to sell your business to prospective clients must be all about “Good Quality Clients”.  You want to work with people that trusts your judgement, embrace your ideas and be financially compensative for all the hard work you do.

Now for the big question, ‘What is a “good” client? Truth be told anyone can be a good client depending on what your criteria are. Some fundamental traits every agency should look for in their clients,  and traits that you need to ascertain for your own individual agency, include:

  • Value and respect your project process
  • Good communication
  • Have realistic timelines and budget
  • A liaison from the client’s side to ease everything out


Importantly, you can set up your own criteria but remember it is bad for business to enslave yourself with the wrong clients. We were born free and you are free to grow your business with the people that help you grow. Unsure on how to get the right clients for your business? Let us help you! Contact us today to be free in your business and grow happily with the right clients.



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