What happens in One Internet Minute

one internet minute

One Internet Minute

Everything you need to know about 60 seconds in the internet world.

Just how much can you get done in a single minute – probably just a quick task or two, if you’re lucky. It’s often hard enough to get everything you need done in a 6-8 hour work shift, let alone a minute or two. One thing we often say to ourselves is, “is it that time already?” or “where did the time go?”

Just thinking about how there never seems to be enough time in a day makes it kind of hard to believe all that happens on the Internet, in just a single minute. We all know that during huge events like award shows and sports games, we often hear that there were thousands of tweets sent per minute. Surprisingly, that’s just a small percentage of the things happening on the Internet during that time.

Visual Capitalist research team, Lori Lewis and Officially Chadd compiled data about exactly what happens in one minute on the internet. In the graph below each major platform on the internet like Google Search, Facebook Logins, Online Shopping Stats and more are showcased.


One Internet Minute
Source: Officially Chadd – Lori Lewis

It’s unbelievable to think that all of this happens in only 60 seconds! However, there is significant value in these stats and using this to your advantage can expand your business tremendously.

Something that stands out is definitely brand strength. Companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix and YouTube have brand strength that we can’t begin to describe. Think about it, you know exactly what all those business present to their users, you most likely know how their branding looks, you talk about content you have seen on these platforms. These brands are driving word of mouth without even trying. And why is that? Their brand strength speaks volumes. People engage with them because they provide the user with an effortless experience and quality product/service. 

Wondering how the brand plays a role? Well, companies branding are elements that are showcased throughout their visibility. And social media is the best place to promote your brands’ values to a wide audience.

Social media plays a big part in an internet minute as you can see above. With over 1.4 million logins to Facebook and more than 600 000 images scrolled on Instagram, it shows people spend a lot of time on these platforms – especially if you think that these are just the numbers of a single minute! As a business owner and entrepreneur, you need to understand the value that this can bring for you. Being visible online where potential customers are scrolling can be an opportunity for your business. 

People tend to engage socially with brands and explore their offers if they connect with the brand. If you can speak to your audience about thing they appreciate and value you have a personal connection which drives sales. Your content provides knowledge to the interested audience about you and what makes you different to your competitor. It gives the ability for the viewer to build a relationship with you. Trust is what sells. Want to start building an online strategy? See the link below.

Furthermore, one of the key stats for us is the 4.1 Milion Google Search queries. All of those searches in just one minute – that’s impressive. Now think about it in one minute 4.1 million people searched for something specific, what if only a ¼  of the searches were exactly what your offering to people? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if those searches ended on your site and bought your product?

The key is to be actively visible on Google not just with a website but with ads as well. You need to be visible to everyone actively searching for what you have to offer. Google Ads are an investment to your company and we can help to make that investment profitable to you.

Some tips for you to use:

  • Be meaning full and create conversations with your audiences.
  • Be visible where people are searching
  • Engage with the people that take the time to interact with your content
  • Listen and understand what your audience wants and give them exactly that
  • Don’t be afraid to spend money on paid posts and ads
  • Be creative with your content


In the business world, you’re not always going to hit it out of the park however if we try to understand what is happening around us – every 60 seconds, we can get it just right! Make sure you are seen in those internet minutes…


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