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Born Intelligence Deonne Le Roux Website Redesign and Development

Déonne Le Roux Website Redesign & Development

Déonne Le Roux Jewellers is a family run business and is recognised as THE designer jeweller in Gauteng. They were established in 1979 and their two branches and factory employee a team of over 30 highly skilled and motivated staff. Not only do they create beautiful masterpieces, but they have also aligned with world-renowned brands like Montblanc, Tag Heuer and Breitling.

Our paths crossed with Déonne as he wanted to up his game in the jewellery world, starting with his website and Digital Marketing.

The Challenge:

The Déonne Le Roux Jewellers website was outdated, hard to navigate and not so mobile-friendly. Furthermore, some of the information was hard to find and there were inconsistencies with the overall design. Overall the website was not appealing to the eye and didn’t have the best user experience.

Déonne wanted a new and improved site design that counter all the flaws and showcase his beautiful jewellery with a similar beautiful website. He needed to reposition the company in the market and wanted to attract a fresher, younger market. The key aspects were that it should be appealing, easy to navigate and create a lasting and memorable user experience.

Above all of these visual aspects, Deonne wanted a website that was optimized for speed and performance with a high SEO rate. He also wanted a lower bounce rate with more conversions.

The Solution:

The objectives that we needed to meet was quite challenging. The Born Team collaborated and strategised various ideas to offer a solution to the challenging website redesign, keeping in mind the marketing opportunities. 

Shanei, our head web designer – designed and conceptualized a complete new look and user experience of the website. The design included interactive new features, a complete redesign that introduced a playful new colour scheme coupled with beautiful visuals that tells the story of The Designer Jeweller. 

The development team kicked off the project and brought the interactive design to life. Working endless hours the website was eventually finalized and the end product… well that you can judge for yourself!

The Results:

The new updated design is slick and modern, perfectly tailored for a refreshed audience. Like a breath of fresh air! The site is more user-friendly, the site speed and performance have also improved significantly and new features were brought in to easily have an overview of the products available.

The bounce rate has gone down tremendously and the conversions have improved far beyond our expectations. We are proud to confirm that the site has an optimized SEO score of 100% and the website speed is under 3 seconds on mobile. A very good Google Rating if we might add… (one of the best amongst other jeweller websites)

The Deonne Le Roux website redesign and development was an exciting project to work on. We are delighted to have achieved the results and were able to serve the Déonne le Roux brand with a fresh new look that will keep on giving results. 

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Testimonial by Déonne Le Roux



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