Who Needs Pants Anyway? Online Bloopers

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Who Needs Pants Anyway?

These last few months stuck in lockdown has literally changed the business world as we know it. No more getting up super early, getting dressed in uncomfortable clothes, or having to sit in traffic hours on end. Working from the comfort of your own home has been widely accepted as the new norm – AND WE LOVE IT!

Working from home means that all (or at least most) meetings and work are done digitally. Online platforms like Hangouts, Skype, Teams and Zoom have been used to communicate with co-workers and clients. This new form of communication has really showcased its benefits and people all over the world are definitely utilized it to its full potential.

However, these past few months many on screen bloopers have occurred in various meetings and even live TV. Now we know life happens! And dealing with daily struggles whilst working can be difficult – especially with a worldwide pandemic also lurking.

Behind every successful woman, is a man with no pants…

You are not alone! Everyone is facing some challenges balancing work life with personal life. Just think about it; how many times have your beloved cat walked straight in front of your camera? Or your dog just won’t stop barking? Not even to mention your children constantly wanting to talk to you either about their need to eat or a missing toy? Yeah, you are not alone!

Moms working from home will understand the struggle…

Another point to mention is that you are at home. You are in your safe haven where you are supposed to relax and unwind. Now your world is turned upside down and your sanctuary has become an office, school, entertainment centre and hospital all in one. Chaotic is probably the best way to describe the situation.

So we all are tempted towards laying in bed a little longer, only putting on a nice shirt, brushing your hair and possibly putting on some lipstick. And in 5 minutes you are ready to start your work day all in the comfort of your pj’s. Because who really needs pants if no one will see it?…

A ‘Zoom wardrobe’ is actually a thing! More and more people have opted for the exact same look. Business up top, party at the bottom! As long as you look professional and presentable on screen no one cares about the rest. So why should you sit in uncomfortable jeans or pants?

Business on Top, Party at the Bottom!

Important note: if you do wear the so comfy ‘Zoom wardrobe’, always make sure that your lower body is not on screen. Learn a lesson out of this funny blooper.

Bathroom Breaks Are Essential…

Need a little pick me up? Below are more of our favourite working from home bloopers. We hope it will put a smile on your face and help make working from home a bit better.



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