Open for business? See why many shops in South Africa are staying open this holiday season

Open for business? See why many shops in South Africa are staying open this holiday season

Looking to kick off a good year in 2021 for your business? Start in 2020.

This Christmas and holiday shopping season is going to look different than ever before, and so should your approach to keeping traffic and sales up. We’re taking a look at why businesses should keep the shop open in a month where typically many would close for the holidays.

Changing shopping habits, changing approaches

Typically, shopping done before the holidays is fit in between end-of-year meetings, holiday celebration events, children’s shows, family gatherings and more. But with many staying home or foregoing travel plans this year, the approach for business owners has changed, especially here in South Africa.

With holiday closures being the norm for South Africa in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you can make your offerings stand out with expanded hours, availability, new products or services, and increased marketing communication to your customers. 

What is “time” in 2020?

Days turn into months, and suddenly, it’s Christmas. The rhythm of the holidays as we know it has changed, and that can throw people for a loop. But you and your business can be the answer to their last-minute gift needs, or the solution to the daily doldrums, something to look forward to, something to amplify how they experience life today.

Your audience is captive

For many, 2020 will be a year of staying at home, with your phone and computer never far away. Now is the time to increase frequency to your customer list and boost any paid advertising that targets your key audience. People are ready to shop, and may have put things off, or lost track of time and still want to get gifts to friends and family over the holiday. 

Self-gifting is on the rise

With all the discomfort of the last year, customers are looking to treat themselves to something that makes our work-from-home life a little better. Think of comfortable clothes, slippers or sandals, coffee makers, mugs, cooking tools (because you can’t get take away every night). Even home improvement is on the rise as people look for ways to occupy their time together and take care of their long-running To Do list. If you can position your business as a solution to making home a better place to be stuck, or to offer treats and treasures to plus-up the daily grind, you have a strategy.

If boosting your end-of-year sales feels like the right move for your business, let’s talk. Our strategy and guidance can help you make the most of the last month of 2020, and lead you right into a successful new year.



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