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Marketing let your customers fall in love with your business

Making Your Customers Feel That Special Feeling

Let your customers fall in love with your business

In today’s increasingly connect world, connecting with customers beyond the point of sale isn’t extra. it’s expected! And, it’s just good business. Making your customers feel special will make an impression for your brand, your business, and support loyalty and repeat purchases that make your initial investment worth it, no matter how small.

Make It Personal

With your customer list in hand, you have the power to personalize your communications to reflect your relationship with each individual client. If your business is in a more casual or personal care industry, first name is a good way to reinforce familiarity. If your business is in the professional services industry, like anything to do with finances or health, you may find using the surname will best reflect the level of respect and recognition your clients may expect. Either way, first name or Mr./Ms./Mrs., they’ll know you’re talking just to them!

Show Them You Care

Really, show them! Even a small gift or unexpected surprise in their package can help you build your relationship. And most importantly, it sets you apart from the competition. Maybe you offer similar items or services, but your customers know that there’s a little something extra to make them smile when it comes from you.

Act on Feedback

There are so many ways for customers to rate your service or their experience with your brand online. Wherever possible, jump into the conversation, even if just to let them know you’re listening. That’s it! It’s important not to get defensive, and if you can, for any less than stellar comments and reviews, offer them to try again with a bonus or discount. Or even invite them to send an email so you can work out a solution. People want to know that a company stands behind their product and will do what it takes to get it right. And that really means something!

Get Engaged

Don’t just wait for comments and feedback to start talking—initiate conversation with customers new and old on your social channels. Post polls, questions, share daily anecdotes, feature customers who want to share their purchase. Ask for feedback and show them that your brand is an active listener, responding and changing and truly committed to making each customer experience great.

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