Grow Your Business with Google Ads

Grow Your Business with Google Ads

Having the best website or product in the world is worthless if no one visits your website or knows it exists. You need to find a way to stand out among your competition to reach your audience. The best way to do so is through advertising. Google offers paid advertisements, called Google Ads, which addresses this problem by pushing your product to the top of the search engines. 

Why Choose Google Ads?

Google is responsible for 85% of all search engine traffic and is the most popular search engine in the world. With over 167 billion searches per month on Google, using Google to find new business is the equivalent of opening a business on a highly-trafficked road. Google Ads can be an essential tool for your business to drive traffic, market your product, and increase your sales.

How exactly do Google ads work? When an internet user searches Google for your product, your business will be displayed at the top, even above organic search results. This will increase the number of users that will click through to visit your website and convert to a paying customer.

Benefits of Using Google Ads

  1. Gain Traction: The more people that see your website, the greater your brand awareness. Using Google Ads is a surefire way to gain new customers and create more traction for your website. The more familiar consumers are with your brand, the more receptive they will be to conversion activities.
  2. Ultimate Marketing Tool: Using Google Ads is like having an online billboard for your company. Your products and services are on constant display at all hours of the day. Google Ads will be working for your business even when you’re not.
  3. Intentional Customers: Your Google Ads will create a constant stream of lead generation of customers who need your business services. You’re advertising is targeted to people who are actively searching for your business, not popping up on a random social media feed of users who aren’t necessarily looking for you.
  4. Budget-Friendly: Google works with the budget you want to spend, instead of requiring a hefty payment for their services. This flexibility allows you to choose the amount of money you’re willing to pay for advertising.


Born Intelligence is Your Google Ads Partner

The internet is a powerful tool used to reach potential customers and turn them into qualified leads, with many of these processes happening automatically. Having an online presence, regardless of your service or product, and targeting potential customers with Google Ads, is the easiest way to increase your business’s reach and impact. However, without a Google Ad partner, you may not effectively reach your audience or create the proper advertisement for your company.

Born Intelligence provides Google Ad services, including the set-up of accounts and advertisements to help your company reach its full potential and deliver maximum results. Born intelligence is a Google partner with years of credibility and experience creating Google Advertisements. If you’re ready to grow your business with Google Ads, contact us today to set up a consultation.



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