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Born Intelligence gets involved in designing, developing and launching your website and social media pages. Having an Interactive website that provides the correct information has it’s own advantages.

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In this Day and Age, it is Imperative that each business has a presence online, but not just something that is there because you must have a business, but a website that will drive business to you. The services we offer are all designed to do just that.


When starting a new website, it is crucial to know what you want to achieve, who is your target marker and planning for that.


5 seconds is all it takes to keep a new visitor on your web based site. If your site is difficult to read or it takes forever to download information, your visitors will end up closing the page never coming back. That is why we plan, create and develop sites that deliver your message quickly, clearly and effectively.



When you develop your business website it is crucial to choose the right website developer that is also well informed of form and design. A well design and developed site can bring you more business and an awful one can drive customers away.


Hosting & Maintenance

Web hosting can benefit your business exceptionally, just use the right web hosting company. We offer Google web hosting, where we set you up on a Google compute engine server. Which offers you ability to run your website on the Google network,
Assuring a 99.9999% uptime, making sure your website is always available for your clients to see. We also offer to maintain the website to make sure that it is always up to date and protected.



Search engine optimization for your business can be a powerful tool for your potential clients to access your business website. SEO offers a way to attract your market. You can also keep ahead of your competitors by regularly checking their methods and features. 



No matter the nature of your business, advertising is your business’s key to success. It is critical in any business to provide a platform in which you compete for possible client’s attention. 


Charles Johnstone Photography webiste

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Charles Johnstone

Charles is an amazing guy with a very experienced and talented eye. He has the ability to take the ordinary and even the most hard situations pull on your heart strings. Not only is Charles an expert with landscapes and Architecture he also shoots for leading international businesses as well as PR and Advertising agencies, Event Management companies and the Incentive Travel Industry.

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Let’s create a Dynamic & Interactive website for you

The key is to create an effective mix of static, dynamic and interactive content that will help your potential clients to find, engage and support you.  Dynamic and interactive websites can make the most of your site and you can either use it as a tool or create a professional and interesting experience for your visitors.

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Let’s face it, good content is difficult to create and even more difficult to keep fresh. A daily blog feed with new content will probably capture and keep more loyal fans than a website that never changes. Furthermore, content that engages with visitors and creates a dialogue is even more powerful.


A dynamic website can give you as the website owner the ability to update and add content to your site. For example, events and news can be posted through a simple browser interface. Dynamic websites have numerous advantages for any business, your website will be much easier to update, new content brings people to your site and help search engines. Furthermore, the site can work as a system to allow staff or users to collaborate.


Blog comments, social media buttons, reviews, surveys, web apps, games and hangouts are all examples of interactive content on a website. Interactive content is a necessity for a dynamic website, for visitors to your website do interact with your site.


Once of the advantages of interactive content is that it increases brand loyalty and reputation by clients because when you engage with your customer when they ask questions or share comments you create a competitive advantage.

Finding the right mix for your dynamic and interactive website is crucial. Too much of this dynamic and interactive content can be a turn-off to visitors or damage your brand.

Born Intelligence offers start-up companies professional and tailored digital design services that assists your business to grow its online presence and reputation. We have a number of exciting digital marketing tools in order to increase your business’s online presence.


Notably, Born Intelligence gets involved in designing, developing and launching your website and social media pages. They use beautiful designs (with attention-to-detail) when building your website.


We work mindfully with expectations to build the website which has been uniquely tailored to your preferences. We at Born Intelligence always try to embody the character and spirit of your business when rendering any product or service for you.

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