Web Design

Why is it so important for your business to be active on the web you might ask? Because if anyone needs to know anything they Google it. Everyone uses the internet as it provides you with answers to your questions fast. That is why your business should have a web presence, you need your customers to find you and see what you look like. First impressions last and it is important to look the part online.


Web design is a process of your site starts with brainstorming an idea, planning and building a collection of files that determine the colours, font styles, illustrations, pictures, content and interactive features. Your web designer also uses your brand guidelines/brand bible to determine the look and feel for your site.


The term web design is used to describe the design process of your web based site, the user flow and aesthetics. The design is important as it carries your brand identity, it is your online store front, the first born impression, the door to your customer’s interest.

Web applications, are progressive, intelligent frameworks that offer organizations some assistance with performing business basic assignments and that increment and measure their profitability.Both websites and web applications revolve around user experience(UX), user interface (UI), interaction design and information architecture(IA).


5 seconds is all it takes to keep a new visitor on your web based site. If your site is difficult to read or it takes forever to download information, your visitors will end up closing the page never coming back. That is why we plan, create and develop sites that deliver your message quickly, clearly and effectively.


A small investment today can lead to impeccable results in the near future. Get in touch with us today for the design of your online presence.



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