Looking back at the year – Born Intelligence

Wow what a year it has been?! 2020 was definitely not for the faint hearted (especially if you are a business owner)…

Although this year has been extremely difficult we have to say we’ve really been blessed beyond measure! A graceful Hand of protection and good health and  fortune was definitely cast over Born Intelligence in 2020.

Firstly, with the Covid-19 Pandemic came a vast range of challenges. Since March the team has been working remotely from their homes – facing all the new challenges that have come with that. (Trust us, getting work done between dogs barking and family members also being home – it’s challenging!) But here we are 10 months later (still working remotely), with new bornies (team members), new clients and new projects! How exciting!!!



Now as we head to 2021 we are armed with a new designer, new ad specialists, content writers and a NEW PROJECT MANAGER (yeah!).

Not only did our work team grow but the BORN family grew with a BABY BORNIE. His giggles and true Bornie style will soon fill the office as he has filled our hearts with love and joy. We can’t wait to see who he becomes and how he will change the world as a true Bornie does!



We know that so many small and larger businesses unfortunately had to close their doors due to the pandemic, and we are truly saddened by it… BUT We have been blessed beyond measure that our company AND OUR CLIENTS survived this trying time and actually grew

We’ve had the opportunity to work on exciting projects throughout the year. With hard work and dedication from the team we obtained outstanding results for each client to help grow their businesses. From new customers to new websites, Apps, boasting on social media and even activations!

Here are some of our highlights for this year:

    1. Women in Business Campaign and Celebration
      In August we celebrated Women’s Month together with the wonderful ladies of the BEC – Celia and Natalia – and Elite Inc’s Candice. We aimed to promote and empower Women in Business and celebrate the changes we have made in the world as women.
    2. Deonne Le Roux Jewellers
      Our journey with Deonne Le Roux started in 2019 but in this past year we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to Redesign and Develop their website. We also had various Lead Generation Campaigns and even ventured on the journey of Influencer Marketing.
    3. Giant Coke Activation
      Coca-Cola is one of our favourite International Brands to work with. We had the privilege of creating a GIGANTIC Interactive Brand Activation for them with our friends at Booming Media.  
    4. Right Move Properties
      Just before the pandemic restrictions started we travelled all the way to Namibia and signed our first international client! This was a REALLY BIG win for our team! Rightmove Properties is an award-winning real estate agency. We redesigned and developed their website along with lead generation campaigns to boost the sales of their Namibian based homes. This all happened with the collaboration with our friends from Leads for Africa.
    5. Broadening our horizon to the Solar Industry
      Probably one of the ‘scariest’ things we did this year is advertise to a new industry. We ventured into the world of solar energy and it became part of our niche marketing sectors. (who would have thought the sun would shine so brightly on us). 


Looking back at 2020, it was actually quite emotional to be honest. The year was really tough on all of us, emotionally, physically and mentality. We all had a life-changing year. But with hard work, dedication and compassion the Born Team pulled through and made Born Intelligence stronger than ever.

Now, 2021 is ahead of us. A new year with new possibilities and challenges. Luckily, we are armed with knowledge, understanding and hard lessons learned from this past year. We can conquer anything the world throws at us by working together.

Here is to a blessed year! May 2021 bring you new clients, new projects and may  you grow in strength to handle whatever the new year might bring!

Stay tuned for more exciting news and freebies in 2021



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